GPR81 Agonists Based Therapeutics



GPR81 Agonists Based Therapeutics


Current State of the Art

Mucosal immunity plays an important role for the prevention and cure of different pathogenic diseases.

These urogenital, intestinal, and respiratory diseases are often caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites than can diffuse through the mucosal immunity system. Different drugs have been used to treat these symptoms and infections.


Problem with the Current Art

Often single drugs and existing therapeutics are not as effective as desired and take a relatively long time for recovery.


Advantage of Invention

Scientists at GRU discovered agonists of GPR81 (new drug target) that can enhance the mucosal immunity by at least a factor of 2 by upon binding to the receptor. These chemical entities can be used as a single therapeutic or a combination therapeutic agent with the existing the drug molecules to cure or to prevent different pathogenic diseases infecting the mucosal layer. These small molecules can be administered topically or orally. These GPR81 agonists can also be used as probiotics, or additives to the mucosal vaccines to enhance their efficacy.


GRU #2013-039


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