Fc receptor targeted and virus-like particle (VLP) based tripartite chimeric vaccine technology


TECH ID 2012-025 Title: Tripartitie Polypeptide Vaccine Vector

Current State of the Art: Although traditionally viewed as an anti-infectious preventive measure, vaccine use has expanded to treating non-infectious diseases including cancer. Provenge (Dendreon) is currently the only FDA approved therapeutic vaccine at approximately $95,000 per treatment. Therapeutic vaccines in clinical trials are targeting glioblastoma, cervical, skin, head, neck, pancreatic, breast and lung cancer; as well as celiac disease and recurrent yeast infections from companies like GlaxoSmithkline, Rxi Pharmaceuticals and Pevion Vaccines.

Disadvantages of the Art: Many cancer vaccines have proven thus far ineffective. One drawback is the lack of vaccine designs aimed at long term immunity and sensitive detection of low level antigens. 

Advantages of the Invention: The invention, a recombinant vaccine composition, combines the beneficial traits of Fc tagged subunit and DNA vaccine paradigms, coupled with Virus-like particle aggregate antigen delivery to produce a robust immune response and induction of CD4 and CD8 T cells. Although preclinically evaluated as a cancer vaccine, with the proper soluble antigen this composition can potentially enhance response to other traditional vaccine targets.


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