Cell-lineage Specific Expression in Transgenic Zebrafish



Transgenic Zebrafish technologies are incredibly valuable tools for internal and collaborative research. GHSU holds patent (6,380,458) and licensing rights for “Cell lineage specific expression in transgenic zebrafish”. The zebrafish research community is very large and highly collaborative. At GHSU we have several faculty of our own that either use this technology as a main model system or in pilot projects for their research.


A few examples applications of this technology, cell lineage specific expression of a heterologous gene, are listed below. These include but are not limited to:


        the expression of an easily identifiable gene not normally found within zebrafish

        said gene is expressed in, for example, a cell or a group of cells having a common parental cell, for example:

        endothelial cells (blood vessels)

        neurons (nervous tissue)

        epidermal/epithelial cells (skin) 

        myocytes (muscle)

        hematopoietic/lymphopoietic cells (Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells)


These and other cell lineage transgenic model systems could be used to:


        identify unknown disease targets

        generate high through-put model systems for human disease

        screen compounds libraries  


For more information or for interest in licensing this technology, please contact Billie Moore, PhD Technology Transfer Associate, Office of Technology Transfer, Georgia Health Sciences University, (706) 721-1424 or the OTTED office at (706) 721-9822.


Tech ID: GHSU 1997-007

Inventor: Shuo Lin

Patent Issued: 6,380,458



Qiaoming Long, Anming Meng, Han Wang, Jason R. Jessen, Michael J. Farrell and Shuo Lin; “GATA-1 expression pattern can be recapitulated in living transgenic zebrafish using GFP reporter gene.” Development 124, 4105-4111 (1997)




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