Alpha-Methyl-L-Tryptophan and Its Derivatives as Anti-Cancer Drugs


TECH IDs: 2007-020/2009-038 Title: ATBo+ as a target of Alpha-Methyl_L_Tryptophan and Its Derivatives, as Anti-Cancer Drugs and as Inhibitors of Indoleamine Dioxygenase.

Current State of the Art: ATBo+, an amino acid transporter, is elevated in some breast, cervical and colon cancer cells and in intestine epithelial cells. In vivo data also support inhibition of ATBo+ function as a treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. 

Disadvantages with the Current Art: Few drugs can kill the cancerous cells without adversely affecting the overall health and quality of life of the patient. Targeting therapeutics with immunotherapy has shown limited success. Treatments for IBD have a variety of adverse effects ranging from nausea and headaches to bone mass loss and increased risk of infection.

Advantages of Invention: The inventors have identified a tryptophan derivative that targets ATBo+, a promising lead target for drug development. The elevated expression of ATBo+ on cancer cells confers a targeting effect with this potential therapy.  Cell culture and small animal data were non-toxic to normal cells.



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Augusta University
Vadivel Ganapathy
Muthusamy Thangaraju
Puttur Prasad
Tryptophan Derivative
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