Treatment and Prevention of Age-Related Muscle Wasting (Sarcopenia)



TECH ID: 2010-029 Title: Leptin and derivatives for altering muscle mass

Current State of the Art: Muscling wasting is the progressive loss of muscle mass, typically seen in the elderly (sarcopenia), in individuals on low calorie diets and or struggling with a serious illness including cancer (Cachexia). This excessive loss of muscle can lead to fragility, unsteadiness and an increase in body fat. 

Disadvantages of the Art: Lifestyle recommendations, dietary supplements and hormone replacement therapies perform poorly and in the case of the latter are expensive and have potentially life threatening side effects including increased risk of cancer. 

Advantages: The inventors have successfully implemented a therapy with a recombinant form of leptin (rleptin) that improved muscle development in aging mice by increasing muscle mass, regeneration and repair. So far in clinical trials for obesity and Multiple Sclerosis, leptin appears to be non-toxic.


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