Portable and Non-invasive Device for the Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injuries



Present State of the Art

Mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or concussions are diagnosed by neuropsychological tests to evaluate the cognitive functioning and basic sensory-motor processes.


Problem with the Current Art

Neuropsychological testing is a lengthy and complex process, and is not typically performed immediately after the occurrence of the injury.


Advantage of Present Art

Researchers at Augusta University developed a system and device to measure subtle structural changes (surface feature and segmental volume) in the optic nerve sheath that are definitive indicators of mild TBI using 3D ultrasonography. The required instrumentation is portable and mobile in nature. Injuries could be evaluated immediately at the place of incidence. This system has been tested in retrospective study, animal study and is being tested in 25 MMA fighters. This technology has tremendous potential for the prevention of Second Impact Syndrome by detecting the TBI and avoiding the second insult to brain.



IP status: Provisional Application: 62/019,624

Lead Inventor: Matthew Lyon, MD



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