Method and System for Measuring Dynamic Changes of Cardiac Pulse and Respiration Throughout Day/Night Cycle


Current State of the Art

Breathing or pulse monitoring systems can be used to detect and monitor the heart and respiration rates in babies, to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea or monitor the vitality of a sleeping subject, and to monitor signs of cardiac arrest and respiratory distress at home or in healthcare settings. The available systems typically employ a camera system (e.g., Close View Monitor System) or a movement/sound system (e.g., Angelcare Movement Sensor w. Sound Monitor). 

Problems with the Current Art

The available breathing and pulse monitoring systems use movement or sound system that require leads or wearable devices attached to the subjects and constant attention by another person.

Advantages of the Invention

The current invention relates to the rapid measurement of multiple physiological parameters of humans. It takes pictures of faces and averaged intensity of pictures to detect changes. Therefore it is not attached to the subject. It continuously measures one or more physiological parameters including blood volume pulse, heart rate, respiratory wave, and respiration rate. Moreover, the measurement can be done throughout the day/night cycle using a night vision camera. The system automatically sets off an alarm due to abnormal parameter changes.


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