Development of an Orthodontic Bracket Placement Device and Coordinated Bracket Placement System


Title: Orthodontic Bracket Placement Device and Coordinated Bracket Placement System

Current State of the Art: Orthodontic brackets are used by general dentists and orthodontists throughout the world. The proper placement of these brackets is essential for eventual correction of poorly aligned teeth in both children and adults. In order to guide tooth movement during orthodontic treatment, orthodontic brackets are placed at precise vertical positions on the teeth.

Disadvantages with the Current Art: The difficultly in accurately placing orthodontic brackets for proper guidance of tooth movement during orthodontic treatment. Improper placement can result in improper tooth movement, worsening of occlusal and peridontal conditions and potential problems in the development of dental caries at bracket sites. Therefore, it is imperative that there be a standardized method of placement which can significantly improve bracket placement and subsequently improve the overall accuracy of orthodontic tooth movement.

Advantages of Invention:  An orthodontist and research at Georgia Health Sciences University has developed an easy to use orthodontic bracket placement device that allows the precise placement of brackets at the proper vertical position on the tooth. This tool is designed to be easily manipulated in the patient's mouth, and to function well with existing bracket systems.

Inventor: John W. Stockstill D.D.D., M.S.

Patent Status: Patents Issued 6,682,344, 7,214,056

Case Number: GHSU 2002-010

Contact Info: (706) 721-9822; Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development, Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta, GA.


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