Method and Apparatus for Light-Curing Resin Adhesives for Orthodontics Brackets


Title:  Method and Apparatus for Light-Curing Resin Adhesives for Orthodontics Brackets

Current State of the Art:

Hardening of dental resins through light curing is a commonplace procedure when bonding materials including the dental brackets associated with braces, to the teeth of dental patients. Braces are used to correct dental flaws and improve dental health, often to correct malformations of the jaw and palate or misalignment of teeth including underbites, malocclusions, overbites, cross bites, open bites and deep bites.

Disadvantages with the Current Art:

The procedure for placing brackets is lengthy requiring often for brackets to be placed on more than 20 teeth dependent on the age of the patient. With the confined space in the mouth this can be a difficult task. It is often difficult to direct light adequately to all regions of the resin at once due to blockage by the bracket itself.  Multiple light exposures to various sides of the bracket are required to adequately cure the resin, resulting in a time-consuming and laborious process.

Advantages of Invention: 

Researchers at Georgia Health Sciences University have developed a patent issued adaptor tip that fits over orthodontic brackets for light curing adhesive resins. Prototypes are available. One design has been tested in binding stainless steel brackets to bovine teeth.

Distinguishing advantages:

·         Easier to use

·         Positions the light source evenly around bracket

·         Does not require repositioning of light source

·         Decreases the time required for bonding to occur by more than half

Inventors:  Frederick Rueggeberg and Thomas Whaley

Patent Status: Patent Issued 5,800,163

Case Number: GHSU 1997-005

Contact Info: (706) 721-9822; Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development, Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta, GA.

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