Three-Dimensional Tumor Holder and Ruler in Live Mouse


Current State of the Art:

In preclinical studies, subcutaneous tumor volume is measured by calibers and other imaging systems such as CT, MRI, and ultrasonography to monitor tumor growth, disease progression, and response to treatments. The imaging system measure tumors in sedative animals in three dimensions. On the other hand, calibers measure two dimensions of the tumor, width and length. 


Problems with the Current Art

Calibers measurement can be inaccurate because it treats tumors as a spherical shape and lacks height measurement. It is also prone to inter-operator errors. The imaging systems such as CT, MRI, and ultrasonography are expensive and can’t be used in live animals.


Advantages/Benefits of Our Invention:

The scientists at Augusta University invented a three-dimensional tumor holder and ruler that simultaneously measures the length, width, and height of a tumor when positioned on and near the tumor in live mice. As a result, it allows the quick one-time measurement of tumors, the diameter of which is less than 2 cm. It requires much less time and labor compared to calibers. It is easier to use and more economical than the imaging system in measuring tumor volume in the xenograft model. 


Moreover, the innovative 3-D holder can maximize the exposure of the tumor to the radiation treatment and minimize healthy tissue exposure. In a radiation treatment study, the 3-D holder is effective in locating the tumor and minimizing healthy skin exposure to radiation in 1000 mice.

AURI # 2017-019


Patent Information:
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