Differential Expression of MicroRNAs in Musculoskeletal Disorders


Current State of the Art:

Osteoporosis is treated with vitamins, exercise, and medications. Calcium and vitamin D taken on a regular basis has shown to help slow the progression of osteoporosis. The vitamins can be increased by altering diet and with supplements. Exercise that emphasizes weight bearing has been shown to be helpful. Actonel, Binosto, Boniva, and Fosamax work by slowing bone degeneration. Reclast is a new medication given as a once yearly to increase bone density and decrease fractures.

Problems with the Current Art:

None, or any mix, of the above treatments are 100% effective. Also, no treatment has been shown to reverse osteoporosis. New technologies are required to improve upon the current regimen.

Advantages of the Current Invention:

This invention prevents, reduces, decreases, or ameliorates one or more symptoms, or characteristics of a musculoskeletal disease and disorder, particular an age-related musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. The treatment with specific identified miRNA's has been shown to effect key protein levels for improved bone density. This new approach has the ability to attack the problems above on a molecular, biochemical level.

Case ID: GRU #2013-012


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