Combination therapy for hemorrhagic shock

Combination Therapy for Hemorrhagic Shock
Current state of the art
Crystalloid and colloid solutions, hypertonic saline, oxygen-carrying blood substitutes, and transfusion are all treatments for hemorrhagic shock. They replenish decreased blood volume in order to stabilize the patient and improve survival, especially during the golden hour. The goal is to restore radial pulse or sensorium or achieve minimum blood pressure until further medical treatment can be given.
Problems with current state of art
Resuscitation with these solutions may be successful in saving a patient's life during the golden hour, but they are less successful as time goes on. Since it is often difficult to treat a patient within the first hour after trauma, new approaches are needed.
Advantages of our invention
Our scientists have invented a cocktail of resveratrol, dichloroacetate, and niacin to administer to a patient to extend the "golden hour" to a longer period of time. Trials in mice have shown the cocktail to extend the efficacy of blood volume replenishment from one hour to six hours. In addition, survival increases when the cocktail is added to the resuscitation solution.
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