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Sensitive Detection of Peptide Fragments Specific to Galectin-3 for the Detection and Monitoring of Well-differentiated Thyroid Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Other Cancers and Disease States
Current State of the Art:The detection of head and neck cancers, i.e. thyroid cancers, colorectal and other types of cancers are normally done via MRI or other non-specific tests. Problems with the Current Art:Such tests are not as accurate or time sensitive to identify the progression of the tumor in its early stage.Advantages of the Novel Inventi...
Published: 8/13/2019   |   Inventor(s): Paul Weinberger, John Koomen, William Dynan, David Terris, Sunny Khichi, Mark Merkley
Keywords(s): Cancer, Diagnostics, Peptides
Category(s): Diagnostics
Peptide Antagonists Prevent Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity
Current State of the ArtPulmonary oxygen toxicity is a condition resulting from the harmful effects of breathing molecular oxygen at elevated partial pressures. Oxygen toxicity is a concern for scuba divers, those on high concentrations of supplemental oxygen (particularly premature babies), and those undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Problems...
Published: 8/13/2019   |   Inventor(s): Yunchao Su, Dmitry Kondrikov
Keywords(s): Oxygen, Peptides
Category(s): Therapeutics
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