Development of Novel Therapies for Experimental Guillain-Barre Syndrome Using Ganglioside-Like Phage-Peptide


Current State of the Art:

Guillain Barre syndrome is currently treated by administering pain relievers and other palliative forms of care to reduce the symptoms associated with the disease. Guillain Barre currently affects about 1 out of 50,000 people world-wide and in some instances has proven to be fatal due to limited treatments readily available for the disorder.


Problems with the current art:

There are presently no cures for Guillain Barre syndrome. Although doctors can provide pain relief, they cannot cure the disease before it has serious health effects, sometimes leading to death.


Advantages of the novel invention:

The novel invention utilizes a specific reagent against the pathogenic antibodies developed in Guillain Barre syndrome. This specific reagent has been shown to prevent the onset of the symptoms of Guillain Barre in vitro trials.


Patent Status: Patent Issued US 8513197B2


Inventors: Robert Yu, Ph.D; Seigo Usuki, Ph.D


Case Number: GHSU 2010-011

Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
Carl Clark
Director Technology Transfer
Augusta University
Robert Yu
Seigo Usuki
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