HM74A/HM74 Ligands as Anti-Cancer and Anti-Diarrheal Drugs


Tech ID: 2007-030: Compositions Comprising a GPR109 Ligand for Treating Disorders of the Digestive Tract and/or Cancer

State of the Art: Top drugs for colon cancer include Xeloda (Genetech), Erbitux (Johnson and Johnson), Eloxatin (Sanofi), and Gleevec (Novartis). These four drugs ranked in the top 10 selling cancer drugs of 2011 and totaled ~$4 billion out of $12.4 billion in total sales.

Problems in the Art: Of the above listed best sellers, several have been on the market since 2002 or earlier and in some cases are close to the end of patent protection.

Advantages of the Invention: This invention provides a method of use, composition and combination of therapeutics that can be used to treat disorders where targeting GPR109 is beneficial, including disorders of the digestive tract (inflammatory bowel disease and diarrhea); colon and breast cancer; and leukemia. Example strategies for use of this invention could be as a therapeutic treatment alone or in combination with other anti-cancer or anti-inflammatory therapeutics to prolong the market feasibility of existing drugs, reaching the end of patent protection.


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Augusta University
Vadivel Ganapathy
Puttur Prasad
Muthusamy Thangaraju
Gail Cresci
Colon Cancer
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