Antibody specific for PKG-1alpha nitration


Scientists at AU identified that nitration of PKG-1α in tyrosine 247 attenuates the catalytic activity of PKG-1 α, which plays a critical role in the development of vascular dysfunction in pulmonary hypertension and other vascular pathologies.

The inventors developed the humanized monoclonal antibody or antigen-binding fragment for detecting nitrated tyrosine 247 of PKG-1 α. Further, the antibody or antigen-binding fragment can be labeled with a detectable marker or conjugated to a second molecule, such as a radioisotope, a fluorescent compound, a bioluminescent compound, biotin, chemiluminescent compound, a metal chelator, or an enzyme.  The labeled or conjugated antibody or antigen-binding fragment can be used to detect or treat diseases or disorders associated with nitrated tyrosine 247 of PKG-1 α.



Lead Inventor: Stephen Black

Patent Status: US 9551711


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Michael Moore
Augusta University
Stephen Black
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