Novel Target and New Breast Cancer Drugs for Chemo-Resistant Tumors


Title: Novel Target and New Breast Cancer Drugs for Chemo-Resistant Tumors


Current State of the Art:  ErbB2, a receptor tyrosine kinase is overexpressed in around 25% of breast cancer cells. Although antibodies and inhibitors targeting ErbB2 are currently available, the failure rate is higher due to the high recurrence, and grown resistance to cancer drugs.


Limitations of Existing Treatment Methods: Trastuzumab, Pertuzumab, and Lapatinib are known as effective chemotherapeutic agents for breast cancer. However, cancer cells often escape from Trastuzumab or Lapatinib treatments via intrinsic or de Novo pathways. For example, ErbB2-positive breast tumors may become resistant to Trastuzumab by alternate slicing or by proteolytic cleavage.


Advantage of the New Technology: Researchers at AU discovered that Erbin, an ErbB2 interacting protein is necessary for the ErbB2-dependent growth of tumor cells. They prepared small peptides that disrupted the Erbin-ErbB2 interaction, increased ErbB2 degradation, and inhibited growth of tumor cells. Injection of the peptide into tumors in nude mice inhibited tumor growth. 


AURI # 2013-014


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